Women’s Stories

The interviews here stem from Patrick W. O’Neil‘s US Women’s History Class at Methodist University.  The students began interviewing women in and around Fayetteville, NC, in 2015, asking them about their personal histories, their relationships to feminism, and other aspects of their lives.

Connected Interviews:

5. Melinda Carlton, Cardiovascular Technologist

6. Cynthia Lynn Harris

9. Brenda Mitchell

10. Penelope Griffin-Cashwell

Donald Trump in Fayetteville, 2016-2020

Donald Trump came to Fayetteville twice in 2016.  His rally on March 9, 2016 came soon after his victories in the “Super Tuesday” primaries enshrined him as the front-runner in the Republican Presidential nominating contest. This rally would gain notoriety as the one at which an African American protester was “sucker punched” (and subsequently handcuffed), amidst a more general backdrop of fraught language and seemingly increasing violence.  Professors Carl Dyke and Patrick O’Neil interviewed people waiting in line to get into the rally.  His rally on August 9, 2016 was more subdued, but followed his acceptance of the Republican nomination for president.  Dyke and O’Neil were joined that day outside the arena by Professor Peter Murray. After Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States, interviews were conducted of his supporters to see if their opinions had changed from the time of his campaign to his presidency.

March 9 Interviews:

1. John Matthew Deemer, Donald Trump Supporter

2. Shane Alcorn, Donald Trump Supporter (recording cut off)

3. Ean C. Gitchell, Donald Trump Supporter

4. Anonymous Donald Trump Supporter 1

7. Anonymous Donald Trump Supporter 2

8. Three Anonymous Donald Trump Supporters

August 9 Interviews:

11. Suzette Schrump, Donald Trump Supporter

12. Larry Offerdahl, Trump Supporter

13. Sheila Johnson, Donald Trump Supporter

14. Anonymous Donald Trump Supporter 3

15. Ralph Molina, Donald Trump Supporter

16. Ann Smith, Trump Supporter

2017 Interviews:

17. Todd Barrett, Donald Trump Supporter

19. James Cain, Donald Trump Supporter

2020 Interviews:

32. Freddie Holbrooke, Donald Trump Supporter

33. Kathy Barbour, Donald Trump Supporter

34. Katrina C. Gentry and Margaret, Donald Trump Supporters

Greetings from Fayetteville!

Hi there!  Welcome to the Methodist University Community Oral History Project, a production of the Methodist University History Department funded by a grant from Title III.  Our goal is simple and wide-ranging: to collect and preserve stories of people in and around Fayetteville, North Carolina, and think about those stories in context.  Most of our oral histories will be collected by students at Methodist University, and the project’s coordinator is Patrick W. O’Neil. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, and happy listening!